About Us


 (1) Researchers coming to J-PARC MLF as users and J-PARC staff members can join the society.

 (2) Members can participate in society's activities such as MLF symposium and they have rights for vote and eligibilities to run for election for directorate.

 (3) Members can be divided into two categories:

 (a) Member (b) Affiliate Member

 (4) Joining society as "Member (including students) " is gratis.

 (5) Private companies/groups which give their assent to stimulation of neutron/muon science at J-PARC Center can join the society as "Affiliate Member". In that case, annual fee for the membership is 10,000 JPY(*).

 *10,000JPY means the minimum amount of single unit for private companies/groups' contribution to the society. They can contribute 10,000JPY or more to the society.

 (6) Please fill out the below-mentioned Registration Form and send it to the secretariat of society.

 ・ Registration Form [ PDF Version ]

 <E-mail address of secretariat : mlfusersoc-jimukyoku@ml.j-parc.jp>

 As soon as the secretariat receives the form from you, it will send confirmation e-mail to you.