About Us


J-PARC MLF Users Society was established on the 7th of September, 2007. The society aims for nurturing "common will of users" which surpasses the difference of research fields and stimulating better usage of J-PARC Center. Below are the society's main activities

 ✣ Exchange of information between members, sum-up of users' will for facility utilization and future planning as well as recommendation for J-PARC Center and its related research institutes/organizations

 ✣ Furnishment of useful information for MLF users and interaction and cooperation with researchers and research institutes/organizations

 ✣ Nomination of researchers who have expertise in neutron/muon science as committee members of "J-PARC Users Committee" etc.

 ✣ Holding symposiums, academic conference etc. such as MLF symposium, interaction and cooperation with related research institutes / organizations / societies








Kenya Kubo




Hideaki Kitazawa


Staff of General Affairs


Makoto Hayashi


Staff of Accounting


Naritoshi Kawamura






Staff of Events


Kenji Oyama




Kazuki Oishi


Staff of PR


Junichi Suzuki




Takashi Ohara