Application form to visit J-PARC (User ID card)

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  • How to submit
  • Entering the J]PARC site (more than 31 days)
  • Imortant reminders

To enter J-PARC Site, please do not forget performing entering procedures.

Step 1

Submission of "Application form to visit J-PARC" via User Support System

This is an application to sign up entering J-PARC. Please be advised that you will not be allowed to enter the site without performing this procedure.

Please submit "Applicaiton form to visit J-PARC" per your visit/for consecutive period ahead of 3 bussiness days prior to your visiting. Re-submission is neccessary if you visit again for a while afterwards.

For Non-Japanese, Visit Proposal is also needed once a Japanese Fiscal year.


Step 2

J-PARC User ID Card

idUsers Office issue J-PARC User ID card to who submitted the "application form to visit J-PARC". ID card is valid for approved period. User ID card is required for entry to the J-PARC site.

ID card will not be provided if the purpose of visit is research meeting or conference/workshops.

Vehicle permission pass (for drivers of cars, motorbikes etc.)

A vehicle permission pass is required for drivers of cars, motorbikes etc.
Fill out the vehicle name and license plate number in the "Application form to visit J-PARC".
This process is not required for bicycles and walkers.


Step 3

helloPlease show your personal ID such as passport or Japanese driveres lisence to receive User ID card.


Arrival procedures during office hours

Arrival procedures after office hours


attentionImportant reminder about User ID card

Updated on 2014/06/16@

There was an incident a user did not make sure that his/her J-PARC User ID was fully dropped into the return box. The strap was hanging outside of the box so that someone could pick it up and could possibly make used of it.

Please be aware that J-PARC User ID card would enable people getting into the JAEA/J-PARC site where significant amount of radioactive materials are stored. This kind of incident makes our credibility for nuclear security questionable.

Please take a moment to make sure that your ID card is fully dropped into the return box. We should also remind you that you are required to display the ID card all the time when you are inside of J-PARC/JAEA site. When you are outside of the site, you must make sure that the ID card is stored in a safe place.

Your understanding and your cooperation will be much appreciated. Thank you. 


How to submit

1. Log in to the User Support System.


2. Click [Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC] on the left menu and select the applicable experiment number from [1. Administration relating to your visit].


3.Click the Next Button and open the portal site


4. Click the submit button in [Online documents].


5. Enter the nesesaury information.

*Please make an application for every J-PARC visit. If you return to your affiliated institute, you will need to make another application  to use J-PARC again.


6. Users Office send an e-mail of confirmation and announcement of the procedure.

See the mail and find the procedure of your first day of visit.

User ID card is provided on the first day of visiting J-PARC to enter J-PARC Site. ID card will not be provided if your purpose of visit is research meeting or conference/workshops.

Entering the J]PARC site (more than 31 days)


Concerning the procedures for the Users who stay long term, we would like to inform the change started from Japanese Fiscal Year 2015 as below or a flier(PDF file).

1. How to apply

*Users Submit “Application form to visit J]PARC” via the User Support System.
*The maximum visiting period must be by the end of the appropriate JFY.
*J]PARC contact person send an e-mail to Users Office to prove the followings.
]An applicant (User) will enter the J]PARC site with approximately the same frequency as J]PARC staff during
applied period, and its reason

2. Users need to do the following procedures at the first visit of the appropriate JFY (for Users)

]Take the safety training
]Receive User ID card, other items <Note> Keep and manage your ID card by yourself properly.

3. Confirmation/Identification during your visit (for Users)

Conduct the following 2 things during your approved period, or Receive your User ID card at Users Office (weekdays 9:00]17:00) every time when you enter the J]PARC site.

(1) Show your ID card
]At the end of every month, visit Users Office and present your User ID card. User Office staff confirms your
User ID card.

(2) Declaration of your visiting period
Register your visiting days on the designated form per your visit.
<< How to >>
*Register your visiting dates on the server at Users Office (weekdays 9:00]17:00)
*If you wish to register the dates through the JLAN intranet, please ask Users Office.

*Failing of the above (1) & (2), your approved visiting period might be cancelled.


Notification about the procedure in JFY 2016

As of Jul. 1, 2016


1. Modification of ID check-point
  • Stop at the gate to show your User ID card to security.
  • This rule doesn‘t correspond on attendance and leaving time (8:00-9:00am, 5:30-6F30pm), weekends and holidays. Follow the guards

2. As of Jul.1, going out of the gate by vehicles includes motorcycles is not available from 8:00 to 9:00am on Mon. to Fri..

Walkers, bicycles and buses can pass through the gate all the time.

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.



Checking  point of User ID card at JAEA Main Gate

Updated on 2014/5/28

To whom using cars, motorbikes, bicycles and walkers.

When you enter the J-PARC Site, to make the guard can confirm your ID easily. Please put your User ID card above the handle and the Vehicle permission pass must be attached upper center of the windshield.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation.


›(PDF file) Checking point of User ID card at JAEA Main Gate


Placing Bump at JAEA main gate to slow down vehicles for more exact ID check

Updated on 2013/12/20

Bump (35‡p in width, 5‡p in height) will be placed at JAEA main gate to slow down vehicles for more exact ID check from Dec 21 (Sat), 2013.

Please click here for the details.


Strengthening of the access control to J-PARC/JAEA

Updated on 2013/3/14

Due to a law change regarding places that keep radioactive materials, J-PARC/JAEA security check at the entrance gates will be significantly tightened. 
Everyone entering the JAEA/J-PARC site will be checked to see if the person has a valid ID card (J-PARC User ID / KEK ID / JAEA ID) with a picture to enter the site. 
This includes everyone in a car (or bus) with a valid sticker (Viechle permission pass).

As this would cause a big traffic jam at the entrance gates, between March 15 and 28, JAEA is planning a dry run to find a way to cope with the situation when it will become effective on March 29, 2013. 
Please make sure that you always carry a valid ID card(J-PARC User ID / KEK ID / JAEA ID) to be in J-PARC/JAEA site and follow the direction of guards when you enter. 
When you enter by car, you may be directed to a parking place and then get the ID checked. 

Be aware that this dry run will be done in a special way between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning of weekdays when traffic will be the heaviest. 
(There could be changes after the March 29th if present plan would be found impractical during the dry run.)