■ New network service for users: "userlan"  

What is User LAN ?
User LAN is a wireless network service for J-PARC Users. It is logically independent from
J-PARC intra network (JLAN) and cannot access to JLAN.

Requirements (ID)
Your login ID of J-PARC /KEK User support system is required.
In addition, a purpose of visit (Ex. Experiment proposal number) for this JFY must be
registered beforehand.

Please click manual to find more detailed information.


■ J-PARC Intranet: JLAN

If you need to access to the J-PARC intranet (JLAN) for data analysis or other purposes, please apply for a J-PARC email account first, and then submit a JLAN connection application form using your J-PARC email account. It takes a few weeks to complete this procedure.
See here for more details.


■ VPN access application: JLAN-VPN

J-PARC users are only permitted to use VPN when it is recognized that the use is essential for J-PARC operations, etc. Please see here for more details.