Bldg. No. Building Name Grid No.  
135 JAEA Cafeteria B6 Open: Mon-Fri 12:00-13:00

<Menu >
1F:On the1st floor two set meals named “daily lunch special” and “healthy lunch” are served.
2F:A-la-carte menus, which include Japanese noodles, RAMEN and a rice bowl dish are served on the 2nd floor.

< Ticketing machine > Cash is not accepted at each counter. Please purchase a ticket for each menu at a ticketing machine on the 2nd floor. Alternatively you may want to use a “cafeteria card” (a prepaid card) for having lunch at the cafeteria.

171a Cafeteria Office B6

Please charge some amount of money on a special plastic card at the cafeteria office. The cafeteria office is located next to the Yamazaki store (a convenience store) on the JAEA site and opens at 12:00-13:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Map (PDF) 

On-site guide map


Details of the “cafeteria card”
Where to apply J-PARC Users Office
Please read here to find the detailed procedure to apply.
How to use Please charge some amount of money on a special plastic card, which you can borrow from the Users Office, at the cafeteria office.



Tokai Village

This map shows the restaurants that are located in a 2 km radius from the JAEA main gate. (Only in English)
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