JAEA's Library

JAEA's On-Site Library


 JAEA Library Website

Open for reading, lending and photocopy service of a book.

Opening hours

: weekdays 9:00-17:00

Reading a book in the library

Fill out a visitor form at the library reception. You do not need a library card.

Lending a book

A "Library Card" issued by the JAEA Intellectual Resources Department is necessary to lend a book from the library. If you want to have a "Library Card", please ask the Users Office.

*It will take about a week for issuing a "Library Card".


Public Libraries

Tokai Village Library (768, Funaba, Tokai-mura)

Naka city Library (2995-1, Sugaya, Naka-machi)

Ibaraki Prefectual Library (5-38, San-no-maru, Mito-shi)