Support Service for Daily Life of Foreign Researchers

As a response to the internationalization of research support system, the following life supports in English are provided for registered foreign users by outsourcing (JISTEC).

After registering to the User Support System, please use services when the need arises.

JISTEC or J-PARC Users Office
Object Person:
Registered Foreign Users and Staff
Registration is needed to receive the support.
How to register? (Open/Close to read the registration procedure)
For Users For Staff
Register to the User Support System. Submit Registration form to Users Office
(Format file is downloadable from here)
Registered foreign users receive the J-PARC Users ID card attached Consultation Service (JISTEC) contact information. Registered staff members receive the Emargency Consultation Service Card.

Call the Consultation Service (JISTEC) number or J-PARC Users Office during the mentioned hours on the J-PARC Users ID card.

Consultation desk (every Tuesday 9:00-17:00) / For Emergency


Consultation desk
When every Tuesday 9:00-17:00
Schedule is updated in 'Announcements'
Services Following services are available on the request of registered foreign users or supervisor/staff in charge (including accompanying for these supports)
  1. VISA application (including extending a visa)
  2. Foreign resident registration, National health insurance, Banking matters
  3. Renting unit and related procedures
  4. Enrolliing/Using educational institutions etc. for the family
  5. Transferring driver's license of your country
  6. Treatment in emergencies
  7. Accompanying to the consultation with a doctor
  8. Purchasing mobile phone, Setting up internet
  9. Providing living information
  10. Other support related daily life
Support by consultation Service Staff, JISTEC inside J-PARC Users Office
For Emergency
When Basically 8:00 - 24:00 excluding the year-end and New Year holidays (Dec.29-Jan.3))
Support In case of emergency such as sudden illness or accident, registered foreign users or supervisor/staff in charge can ask the "Consultation Service Staff" for a support by calling.
Contact "Consultation Service Staff" (JISTEC)'s mobile phone number is written on the Emargency Consultation Service Card.

The Flow of Support Service in case of Emergensy (pdf)