* This information was updated on March. 16th 2015.

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Shinagawa, Tokyo and Ueno (Tokyo) to Tokai

 JR Joban Line Limited Express, “Hitachi (Super Express)” and “Tokiwa (Limited Express)”, is available from Shinagawa, Tokyo and Ueno Station. Some Limited Express trains stop at Tokai station. However, in most cases you need to get off at Mito or Katsuta station and change to a local train to reach Tokai, which is the 3rd station from Mito (2nd from Katsuta). Traveling time is 10 to 15 minutes.
* Check the timetable in advance.

Approximate traveling time

From Tokyo Sta. to Tokai Sta.: 90 minutes (at earliest)
‐From Tokyo Sta. to Mito Sta. with “Hitachi (Super Express) : 74 minutes
‐From Mito to Tokai with local train: 15 munutes


From Tokyo (Shinagawa, Tokyo or Ueno) to Tokai : 3,820 yen
One-way ticket to Tokai : 2,270 yen
Express Surcharge (Tokyo to Mito): 1,550 yen