What is User Support System?

User Support System (USS) is the online system for all users who wish to visit/use J-PARC. You can do necessary procedures such as reservation of a safety-training course, submission of application forms, booking a dormitory, etc. for visiting/using J-PARC though online. First you need to create your account of the USS.

Principle Investigators are requested to complete necessary procedures as PI through the USS regardless of your visiting situation, whether or not you actually will visit/use J-PARC, to conduct your experiment(s). Otherwise none of your experiment members is able to use the USS.

  • User registration (new J-PARC user)
  • Addition of a new porpose (registered users)
  • How to confirm

Addition of a new porpose (registered users)

User registration / Addition of new purpose (Registered user)

Once you have mage User registration and obtain User ID, please register the porposu of visit every fiscal year. The porpose is valid from April 1 to March 31.

How to confirm whether you have registered a purpose of your visit this year?

  1. Please login to the User Support System.

    Click [Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC] and go to [Administration relating to your visit].

  2. If no results are displayed, you have not yet completed specification of a purpose of your visit this year.

    (This is a sample)1

  3. Go to the next step (User registration / Addition of new purpose (Registered user))to specify a new purpose of your visit J-PARC.