Application for practical training for undergraduate students (KEK users only)

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  • Undergraduate students are able to do practical training at J-PARC with the presence of a supervisor from their university or a host researcher from KEK.
  • Students obtain informal consent by a supervisor from KEK before starting to apply.
  • Students must comply with rules and regulations in KEK.
  • Please complete (*1)Application for practical training and (*2)Procedures to be completed by the first day of training by the specified date.
  • Radiation worker registration is required if the training will be done in the radiation controlled area. Please complete the advanced procedure as soon as possible.
This procedure is not required for undergraduate students who are using JAEA, CROSS or the MLF beamlines in Ibaraki prefecture.


A summary of Agreement regarding acceptance of undergraduate student

KEK accepts practical training for undergraduate students under following conditions:

  1. Students are not allowed to do any experiments without attendance of supervisor.
  2. Students are not allowed to treat radiation materials.
  3. Students need to have permission for radiation work back in their university and have completed safety training at KEK/J-PARC before entering radiation area.
  4. Students are not allowed to operate crane trucks and any other special motor vehicles.
  5. Students must comply with rules and regulations in KEK/J-PARC.
  6. If students do damage to KEK/J-PARC property intentionally or by gross negligence, they must compensate for it.
  7. Supervisor must take responsibility for any injuries or accidents of students in KEK/J-PARC premises.



*1 Application for practical training

1)Procedures for the supervisor

Please fill out the form "Practical training for undergraduate student (Application) " and submit it by post no less than one month before of the first day of training.
The form is required to be signed by the president of the university or the dean of the applicable faculty.

A practical training permit will be sent to the applicant after approval of the application.

2) Procedures for the undergraduate student

Please complete User Registration on the User Support System.
After approval of your registration by the Users Office, you will be able to submit all necessary forms via the system.
The following conditions are mandatory for approval by the Users Office.

  • "Permit of practical training" was issued by KEK.
  • Approval for practical training from the student's supervisor or a host researcher at KEK


*2 Procedures to be completed by the first day of training

Undergraduate students whose User registration has been approved must log into the User Support System and complete the necessary applications by the specified date.
The main applications to be completed by trainees are as follows. Please click the links for details on the procedures.