MLF Experiment Report (non-proprietary experiments only)

Changing of handling Experimental Reports as of 2017B

- Experiment Report shall be submitted within 60days from the final date of A/B term as staring point.
- Submitted Experiment Report shall be published in the MLF Annual Report.


How to submit report? (Click here to show/not show these procedures.)
This procedure is subjected to the proposal applied from Proposal Submission System
Your MLF Experiment Report cannot be submitted until the “MLF machine time completion form” is approved.


Step 1. Start the J-PARC Result Management System , and clicl [English] button to changes a display to English version


Submit via J-PARC Result Management System


●Top page image


Step 2. Log in to the J-PARC Result Management System with your User ID and password

Put the same ID and PW as you use on the J-PARC Proposal Submission System, and you can log in this system.

In case you forget a password, click [※If you have forgotten your password] to get new password.


Step 3. Click [Experiment report registration] button to shows a page to register your experiment report.

If your ID and PW is approved, the “My Menu”page comes up.

●After loged in,


Step 4. Status of experiment report registration comes up.

・ On this page, you can register your experiment report and check a licensing status by the person in charge of the experiment device.
・ The person in charge of the experiment device reviews registered reports. Its licensing status will be displayed in Beamline 1-3 columns.

Click [Template] button to downlaod the format. You can download the experiment report’s template (Word file).

Enter the year, type, BL number etc in the upper table and click [Search] button. Then the tabel shows the list of your experiments.

The format is not for CROSS beamline. Download the form from User Support System.


Only PDF files are available to upload. Click REGISTER button.

【Operation Items】
Proposal ID your proposal number
Title of experiment  
Beamline 1〜3 Approved / Rejected
Registration status (Submission date) file name / Unregistration
Deadline for submission Deadline date
Action Completed / REGISTER button


Step 5. Choose file (5MB maximum) and upload to the system.


Step 6. The content of the report will be checked by MLF beamline supervisor and given approval.

In case your report rejected, modify the content and register again. See the Step 4.



Registering the results of J-PARC use

Any publications on experiments performed at MLF should clearly acknowledge use of the MLF beamline.

If you received support from a J-PARC Center staff member, please confer with that staff member on how to handle coauthor credits.
We also request your cooperation in registering information on publication of results in the J-PARC Result Management System.

J-PARC Result Management System
* User ID and Password are same as for the J-PARC Proposal Submission System.