J-PARC radiation worker registration

  1. Personal dosimeter
  2. Precautions for handling the dosimeter badge
  3. Three requirements to be a radiation worker
  4. Registration
  5. Modification
  6. Deregistration
  7. Annuwal renewal
  8. FAQ


Personal dosimeter

In the personal dosimetry badge provided by J-PARC, an OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) dosimeter, a neutron dosimeter and an individual identification element are embedded. When you received the badge, make sure that the dosimeters are enclosed in the case. In addition, make sure that the case is closed tightly before work.

The measurement period is one month for women and three months for men, and the dosimeter badge is replaced with new one by the User’s Office) at the end of the measurement period. The result of your measurement is sent to you via your organization. If you have questions about your measurements, please contact the Radiation Safety Section.


Precautions for handling the dosimeter badge

Wear the dosimeter badge in the specified position.

Women should wear it on your abdomen, and men should wear it on your chest.

Do not drop the dosimeter badge

If you drop it, the element inside the case may break, or it may be lost. Use a strap to prevent the dosimeter badge from dropping. A strap is available at the Radiation Monitoring Room and User’s Office. In addition, do not dip the dosimeter in water and do not contaminate it.

Do not take the dosimeter badge out of J-PARC.

If you have carried it out and it was irradiated by X-ray at a baggage check of an airport or at a hospital, report it to the radiation monitoring Room immediately.

Keep the dosimeter badge in an appropriate place.

Be careful not to drop and lose it.
Do not keep it in a car.



Contact for inquiries about radiation control:
J-PARC User’s Office

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Three requirements to be a radiation worker

Must be satisfy the following three requirements to register as J-PARC radiation worker.

  1. Must be certified as a radiation worker by the institution to which the user belongs.
  2. Must be registered as a radiation worker by J-PARC and issued a Glass Badge (J-PARC individual dosimeter).
  3. Must have completed J-PARC's radiation safety course at the Users Office (once every Japanese fiscal year).

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Please follow the procedures described below for new registration.

The way of entry method of the document ‘Radiation Worker Registration Form’ was downloading the format (Excel/PDF) files, however after October 2016, you can draw up an document by entering values/characters on the form displayed in the web browser, then download the file and print out to the paper to write dean’s signature. Please note that the way of submission is same as before.

1) Download the application form

New method is written in red letters (#4 - 6) in the procedures below.

1. Login to User Portal System
2. Click [Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC] >
 [1.Administration relating to your visit]
3. Administrative tasks
4. Click [output] button at [Forms to be submitted once in Japanese Fiscal Year] Radiation Worker Registration Form (JFY 2016).

5. Entry form displays in the web browser and enter necessary information in the form.

6. After you have filled out completely on this screen, click PDF or Excel to download the data.

7. Print out with white size A4 paper
8. Signatures of head of division and radiation control officer must be handwritten.

*User registration or addition of the new purpose of visit must be completed in advance.


Notes for filling out the form
  • You must download the latest format from the User Portal. Old forms will not be accepted.
  • Forms are not accepted if correction fluid or an ink eraser has been used. Please cross out any mistakes with a double line and sign by the corrected area.
  • Do not enter any numbers in the "Exposure record" if you have never worked in a radiation controlled area before.
  • The date of your radiation safety education and training at your host institution should be within one year.
  • The date of medical examination should be within one year.

2) Method of submission and deadline

Fill out the form and submit the original to the Users Office in person or by mail no less than 2 weeks prior to starting work at J-PARC.
(Submissions by PDF file/Fax are not accepted under any circumstances.)
Please feel free to contact the Users Office if you have any questions about filling out the form.

*If you do not submit the form two weeks before, your glass badge may not be issued on your preferred date.


3) J-PARC radiation safety instruction

Attending radiation safety instruction before working at J-PARC is mandatory.
Please make a booking in advance.
Click here for details on the instruction.

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  1. Radiation worker is required to complete the appropriate procedure immediately in the following cases:
    Change of your affiliation - Deregistration followed by re-registration
    Change of location to access - Contact User's Office for the changing of your registration
  2. When you learn you are pregnant, report it to the User’s Office immediately in order to modify to lower exposure limits.

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Please cancel the badge if you do not plan to work at J-PARC again. In order to deregister during the fiscal year, contact User's Office by e-mail.

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Annual renewal

The registrations of users are valid only for the current fiscal year, and will be automatically invalidated at the end of the fiscal year (The Japanese fiscal year begins in April and ends in March.) If you want to continue to work in the next fiscal year especially in April, you need to complete the renewal procedure.

Annual renewal procedure in 2016