Change Password, Modification

  • Change password
  • Reissue password
  • Registered information
  • How to delete ID

Change password

Go to [Change Password] at menu after logon the system.


Enter Current password and new password twice.

Click the [change Password] button to complete.

Reissue password

Please ask the J-PARC Users Office to reissue a password, describe below at the body of mail.

- your login ID (e-mail), Name and Affiliation

Then the staff will reset the password. Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.  Closed Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

How to Modify Login-ID, Personal infomation and affiliation information.

Click [Modify User Registration Details] at the menu.

To change your registered name or email address open the request form.
Other details can be modified by yourself.
Modify the information by yourself. This is your registered affiliation(s) for administrative year. 
To change your registered affiliation(s) open the request form.

How to delete ID

User ID can not be deleted on the system. But please inform the J-PARC Users Office if you never visit J-PARC again.