J-PARC card key application

J-PARC card key

You need to apply for a J-PARC card key to enter the facilities when they are closed (outside office hours, weekends, etc.)

List of facilities requiring a J-PARC card for enter (PDF)

  Please contact the Users Office if you would like to know locked/unlocked hours.
  It is not shown in the website in the interests of crime prevention.



*MLF Users do not need to request J-PARC Card from 2013JFY.
However, please contact Users Office if you want to use J-PARC card to enter other facilities than MLF.


If you need, please follow the procedures below.

1) How to apply

You need to specify the purpose of your J-PARC visit and complete user registration before applying for a J-PARC card key.
Log in to the J-PARC user support system.
Click [Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC] → [1.Administration relating to your visit] → [Online Application Forms] in the left menu.
You can submit the form "J-PARC card" from here.

Application cannot be accepted by e-mail or telephone.

  • Please select the necessary facility and specify reasons for application.
  • The facility supervisor may reject your application if it is judged unnecessary.


2) How to pick up

Please bring a stamp seal (Hanko) to you receive J-PARC card key if you have one.
If you do not have one, signature is acceptable.