MLF General use (Non-proprietary use)

Step 1. Proposal [Proposal Submission System]

Call for proposals Research Proposal
[CROSS(Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society)]
Proposal Submission Submit a proposal via the online Proposal Submission System
Proposal Review  
Approval Notification  

Step 2. Use [User Support System]


Start the registration and visiting procedures via the User Support System

  1. Procedures for a Principal Investigator
  2. Application form to visit J-PARC (User ID card)
  3. For all non-Japanese nationalities - Visit Proposal
  4. Radiation worker registration
  5. Booking Dormitory
  6. Safety Education
  7. Visa Support
  8. Application for practical training for undergraduate students (KEK users only)
  9. KEK travel expenses application (KEK users only)
Procedures upon Arrival at J-PARC

Visit J-PARC Users Office in IQBRC upon your arrival

Post-visit Procedures
  1. Submit MLF Machine time completion form via the User Support System as soon as possible.
  2. Leaving procedures

【Procedures for the experiments at the J-PARC MLF】

Step 3. Report [Result Management System]

MLF Experimental Report Submit MLF Experimental Report via the Result Management System within 60days.
Result Publication When the results of an experiment are published, register the details via the
Result Management System.

【Procedures for the experiments at the J-PARC MLF】