Safety Education for User ~On-line viewing system~

  1. General
  2. When you take safety education?
  3. Instruction
  4. Arrival after business hours and holidays
  5. Arrrival during Users Office Hours
  6. How to view?
From Nov. 1st, 2016, the radiation controlled area classification at the MLF exp. halls will be changed (2nd class → 1st class).

Safety education has been revised which all MLF users should take again. Even if one have completed MLF safety education in JFY 2016 (April, 2016- ), please take the new education again at the first day of visit.

Please read the guide in advance to understand the changes.


1. General

All users who participate in experiment which are performed in J-PARC facility have to receive safety educations before starting those experiments.

Safety education consists of doing 2 steps - viewing the video and comprehensive quiz. Internet (on-line) viewing system begins in order to shorten users procedures after arrival. Comprehensive quiz (exam) must be conducted at Users Office.

Watching the videos at Users Office is available as before.



2. When you take safety education?

The entire education must be done at the first time during Japanese Fiscal Year – from April to March.

You have to finish all subjects in the list at [3. Instruction] before starting experiments.



3. Instruction

Process of education and subjects, length of time and method to take is different from each facilities. Select your experimental facilities:





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'Comprehensive quiz' and 'education for radiation worker' is going to be conducted after your arrival. Please read below and book a class in advance.

If arrival time is planed to be after Users Office business hours, please read [4. Arrival after business hours and holidays] to complete some procedures in advance.

(5. Arrrival during Users Office Hours)



4. Arrival after business hours and holidays

In this section, the instruction of takeing safety education during after business hours and holidays is described.

Step. 1

Please inform Users Office about your arrival time/date.

  1. Submit "Application form to visit J-PARC" via User Support System ahead of 3 business days prior to visiting date.
  2. Book time/date of safety education by e-mail. Click here to find more detailed information.

Step. 2

Bofore coming to J-PARC, please view the on-line video.

  1. Getting over with on-line viewing.
  2. Print out or copy a capture of the display which contains [completed day/time] and [your name (login name) ] within one page.

Step. 3

Presenting the capture/printed paper to staff.


  1. Show the capture/printed paper to the staff ahead of comprehensive quiz to avoid watching video again.
  2. Take Comprehensive Quiz.

* If you cannot present the capture/printed paper, you have to watch video again at the scene(on-site).

Availble day and time

from 5:00pm to 9:00am on weekday, weekends and national holiday

How to book?


If you cannot attend the education during the Users Office open hours, you will need to attend education at the experimental facility.
To make a reservation, please contact the Users Office no later than 12:00AM of 3 work days prior.
Please be advised that the time and place of education varies for each facility.



Recieve comprehensive quiz and take radiation worker education.

For MLF users


Education at the MLF facility is available until 8:00pm during the accelerator operation period.
The place of education will be informed on a case-by-case basis.


The place of education will be informed on a case-by-case basis.


For Neutrino and Hadron users


You can attend education class at the Hadron security point outside Users Office open hours except between 10:00pm and 6:00am.


the Hadron Guard Hut (security point) on-site of J-PARC

Location map (Bldg. No. 240)

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5. Arrival during Users Office Hours

Availble day and time

from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

How to book?


Please select your preferable class and fill into the remarks of application form to visit J-PARC. It's also available to sign up at the Users Office on the day.

Please understand a waiting time generated if you have no pre-existing reservation.


Recieve comprehensive quiz and take radiation worker education.


Start at

MLF users

1. 9:15〜 2.13:15〜

Neutrino users

1.10:00〜 2.14:00〜

Hadron users

1. 9:30〜 2. 13:30〜


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6. How to view?

1. Log in to User Support System


2. Go to left side menu,

【Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC】
【1. Administration relating to your visit】
Click 【Next】button
A screen opens.




3.【On-line safety instruction】
Click 【Start】button

Effective date is indicated as blank at this point.




4. Video starting



5. Click 【complete on-line safety instruction (viewing)】button to save its end.

Without this, your record will not be saved.



6. Check your records printed in【Effective date】.

Print out or copy a capture of the display which contains [completed day/time] and [your name (login name)] within one page, if you take comprehensive quiz after business hours on weekdays, weekends and holidays.