Access to J-PARC

This map shows routes from the main train stations and airports near J-PARC. Further information is available below.


Public Transportation
  Approx. time from Tokyo station  
Train (JR Joban-Line) 1.5 hours between Tokyo station and Tokai station
Highway bus 2.5 hours Between Tokyo station and Genken-mae
One min. to JAEA Main Gate
Airport limousine bus
Narita 2.5 hours between Narita airport to Tokai station East exit
Haneda 3 hours between Haneda airport to Tokai station East exit
Ibaraki 1.5 hours between Ibaraki airport to Tokai station East exit


Driving a car
Car Route
Rental car List of campanies in Katsuta and Mito


Public Transportation from Tokai station
Village bus service 10 min. from Tokai station east exit to Genken-mae bus stop
1 min. to JAEA Main Gate
Taxi Taxi stand in front of Tokai station


Transportation in JAEA on-site, KEK shuttle bus service
KEK bus 80min. between KEK Tsukuba and Tokai
JAEA Share-riding bus service only in JAEA On-site (available to access to J-PARC facilities)
Prior booking essential

IQBRC fecade

IQBRC entrance

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